October 28, 2011

  • Does Xanga suck?

    I've been away from Xanga for a while.  I haven't been really happy with Xanga's buggy system.  Random tags show up and don't show up depending on whether you are signed in or not even though they aren't private or anything and that's really important for my organizational system.  Comments are always messed up because Xanga can't format worth anything.  The editor is always screwing stuff up in ways that are really, really hard to fix in the html coding.  This thing always double spaces when I don't want it to and there doesn't appear to be a way to turn it off.  Etc.  Maybe I just don't know how to work this thing, but it didn't use to be this tedious.  It also seems like no one even knows what Xanga is outside of Xanga and when they do they often seem to miss that you can comment without having an account.  

    Anyway, someone asked where I'd been.  I'll post some stuff that I've been up to lately.  Though I am thinking of leaving Xanga indefinitely.

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  • I wondered where you went. I sort of left Xanga, except I use it to keep in touch with other Xangans. It also lets me rant about stuff that would be sort of pointless on Facebook, not to mention it also gets posted on Facebook! 

  • Sounds like you use Chrome. Xanga is almost dead. At one time, recently, I had thousands of subs and friends, and the UI barely moved except for recs. I do miss the old gang, Intellectual Spirit, Tjordnm, Rustophilus, DaVinci, and of course DorianFlagg. lol.

  • "Does Xanga suck?"  Not only that, it also blows.

  • Yep. It's time to move on :) There are other blogging services waiting for you with open arms ;)

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